Summer of Sonic 2011 - Do the Shadow-face!

As I'm currently filing through all the pictures I've taken, I thought I might just as well tease you with a collage of pre-SoS-party silliness.

The rest of my photos, as well as pictures and a little report from the actual Summer of Sonic 2011 event, will follow as soon as I have a proper gallery set up. Wordpress and other (free) blogs kind of suck when it comes to this, so I'm probably going to use a little script I've written for my own webspace.

More pre-party photos (with messed up focus...) can be found HERE.

(Image is larger than it appears, please download)

Old stuff for free!

A friend of mine wants to get rid of some of his old video game stuff. There's only controllers and cables (yet), but he's going to throw it all away D:. So, if you want or need anything from this staple, just tell me, it's free! (Except for shipping, though, of course) There's not much time though, I need to know it by tomorrow.


I might take the two guns in the picture, by the way =).
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I just got myself a Twitter-account solely for stalking-reasons :b. However, I might just as well go and put it to good use. Any tips on interesting tweets to follow?
Account name is: spezialkat
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Random language question

This is something that pops into my mind ever so often, and I just got reminded of it once again.
To all of you native English speakers: How is it like to have characters have names out of common English words?

For example the names of the Sonic characters, or game and movie titles.

Mostly I happen to find myself translating such names and titles into German, just for fun. And almost all the time, it sounds incredibly stupid. Nobody would buy a game, watch a movie or like a character if it had its/his name translated into German directly*. Over here, English makes everything sound really important and cool (unless it's not entirely out of place. In that case, it's just plain stupid), and movie-, game-titles etc. are rarely translated (mostly depending on target audience).

I guess this is only the case because we're (not) used to it anymore. Because, back until the early 90s, a lot of stuff just got translated and nobody really complained/cared. But either, translators just got lazy and uncreative, or it's because of the internet and the general possibility to easily check-up the differences.

Oh, now that I think about it, Sonic is a nice example for such a development: The earlier Sonic Show "SatAM" had "hedgehog" translated to "Igel" all the way through. While "Igel" is a pretty horrible sounding word in itself, Robotniks voice actor was actually cool enough to make it sound good. Now with Sonic X they chose to stick with "hedgehog", which is so incredibly out of place, it makes me cringe.

Another example is Star Wars. The old movies had Star Wars translated to "Krieg der Sterne", and a lot of the general Sci-Fi jargon had been translated, too. Episode I-III, however, were left as is, and many terms were left English, too, which didn't blend in too well (but the entire dialogue was horrible anyway, so... ah well).

But, back to the initial question. If you have a character named "Knuckles the Echidna" or "Shadow the Hedgehog", which I would mentally translate to "Knöchel der Echidna" und "Schatten der Igel" (oh, yes >_<) and then try to never think about the meaning of those words again, because I CAN (with being no English native speaker), then how is it like to have those meanings present every time you hear their names?

*Like Tekken Tag Tournament -> Eisenfaust Abklatsch-Turnier, or, well, more professional: "Eisenfaust Zweierteam-Turnier" (actually, that sounds kind of cool...)

Ein LJ Account für mich!

Hallo an alle, die das hier lesen!

Eigentlich ist es noch gar nicht so lange her, dass ich mir eine eigene Seite mit eigenem Blogsystem ins Netz gestellt habe, um dort Fotos und anderen Krams hochzuladen. Da ich selbst nicht so der große Blogger im Sinne von "Tagebuchschreiben" bin, habe ich mir dort in einem Anfall von "Bock auf PHP/SQL-Coden" was zusammengebaut, mit dem ich alles machen kann, was mir so gefällt.

Wozu also hier anmelden?

Ganz einfach: Ich bin ungemein neugierig und habe nun alle Vorbereitungen getroffen, um unter Verwendung geheimster taktischer Utensilien in die LJs meiner Freunde einzudringen und deren private Einträge so krass zu lesen, dass daraus Kommentare entstehen könnten =P.

Nach diesem unsäglich dämlichen Gelaber, überlasse ich Euch alle wieder Euerem Schicksal und mache mich auf, das Geheimnis um die Socken des Zerstörers zu lüften!

Die Kat =)
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